Literally Famished

Hungry for good literature? How about some delicious food?

On this blog I’ll be sharing my love for books with the world. Since I love cooking just as much, I thought I’d give it a little dazzle by cooking an iconic food from each book. Nothing like a good book and delicious food to spend a lovely day in. Whether you already love books, or are just browsing I hope you enjoy my posts. Leave a comment, let me know what you think, and feel free to share your favorites with your friends.  

I also hope to inspire people to read more. In “The View From the Cheap Seats,” Neil Gaiman talks about importance of literacy and reading. He makes inspiring points about importance of literacy for society. Check out that book, too: it’s not a novel but a collection of his nonfiction essays and speeches. As you would expect from such a capable author, the words flow beautifully making for a pleasant read. He talks about his childhood, much of which he spent in a library. I can relate to him a lot. While books weren’t my only friends and my parents didn’t use the library as a babysitter, I’d like to think I share his fondness for the written word.

My parents encouraged and celebrated my love of reading and it has always been one of my greatest pleasures.My folks  let me read whatever I liked till reading became a hobby and pleasure. No one forced me toward the dull “classics” out of some tired old appeal to tradition but you know what? As I read more, I wanted to read more profound books. I even grew a taste for classics. I loved living a thousand lives and learning a million lessons.

So, be sure to read and encourage your children to read and while you are at it, treat yourself to some bookish treats. I’ll try my best to help 🙂