Reading Hacks!

I know I have not posted a review for a while, life has been a little busier than usual lately. However, while I have not had much time to write, I have read plenty! People often talk about “Making time” to do certain activities, like reading, but truth is…you can’t literally make time, can you? I read ,on average, one book each week. I happen to love reading and I understand that is not the case for everyone.

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If you are not as in love as I am wit books but still would like to read  more, here are a few tips for you.

  1.    Read what you love, not what “you are supposed to read”

I share Neil Geiman opinion who once said there are no such things as “bad books”. He encourages parents to let their children read what they love and enjoy. A lot of us tend to think we ought to read strictly none-fiction or at least “the classics” because they are the ones with substance. Truth is, there is no point to forcing yourself read what you do not enjoy. You can sit there before bed with that book you were told you should read and stare at it one paragraph at a time, but you are not gonna build a habit of reading like that. What kind of book do you like?  If you don’t know, start with what kind of movies you like. Mystery? Thriller? Pick a category and do a little research. There is always the good old Goodreads website. You can also look at your local library’s website. In my experience, most book store workers have a few good suggestions on each category. You could also try reading a book that has inspired a movie you enjoyed. Reading what you enjoy will turn reading into a leisure activity. Once you start enjoying reading, you will happily dig into your To-read list.

  1.    Carry a book with you at all times

I always have a book on me. You never know when you might find some idle time. I happen to take the public transit a lot and that’s when I do a lot of my reading. Waiting for an appointment, your lunch break or any other time when you get tired of staring at your phone make for excellent reading times. Almost every book is available as audio so if you drive long distances you can still “read”. I am one of THOSE PEOPLE who needs her solid book made of paper to enjoy it at full potential but…if you insist that a book is to big and heavy to carry, you should invest in an e-reader.

  1.    Know what you are reading next

Build up a list. Use library’s website, goodreads and book review blogs (cough cough…follow mine, cough) are great resources to do so. I browse the book store once in a while and take pictures of the book that grab my interest. Knowing what you are reading next means if you don’t fancy what you are reading, you can keep up your reading streak picking up the next one.

  1.    Join or start a book club

Much like going to the gym, or waking up on time, you are more likely to find time to read if you feel the urge to keep up with someone. I encourage keeping the group small. Maybe even just 2. Makes picking a book easier. An alternative for those of you as corny as I am and in a relationship, pick a book with your partner and takes turns reading it to each other.  

Once you grow a reading habit, start taking note of how long it takes you to finish a book. It can be a fun little competition with yourself. You will be surprised at how fast speed of your reading improves. It’s a good skill to have and reading a lot will teach you speed-reading better than any gimmick I promise!

Happy reading! Stay tuned for my next review and recipe!


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