An Almost Unhealthy Obsession (Or why we should protect our libraries)


Well, here I am finally starting a blog like I have been planning for last few years. I love books. I have loved books for as long as I can remember. My wonderful parents made sure I always had plenty to read. Growing up in Iran, the library scene was kind of disappointing so almost all my allowance would be spent on books. I had a small collection that grew every year. My dad even got me a cute stamp that read “Mehrdokht’s private library”. I was so excited I remember how eager I was to set up the stamp pad with the green ink he bought me and spent rest of the day carefully branding my precious books.

I was not kidding…here is my stamp in action!on my copy of “Dear Enemy” by Jean Webster

Years later, moving to Canada, I brought a selection of my library with me. Again, thinking back I admire my parents for putting up with my obsession with books. We had to pack our whole life to start over across the world. We were each allowed two large and one carry on luggage. My wonderful parents allowed me to fill in one of my luggage with just book! I don’t know if I am communicating how big of a deal this is.  We were about to leave most of what we had behind and start over in a new land and they allowed me to take up half of my precious luggage space with books!

I soon realized that in Canada books can be quite expensive. However, I also learned that Canadian libraries are wonderful magical places where you can get your hand on the latest books and lovely librarians who would search every library they can think of to get you the book you want. I visited one during my first week in Canada and instantly fell in love.

When people say they’d like to read more but books are expensive, I have to control myself not to roll my eyes so hard it’s tickle my brain.

I read every kind of books, often in a random order. Once in a while I get obsessed with an author and go hunting for everything they have written. I actually get excited to read their first books and oddly feel proud noticing the progress in style of writing.

Generally though, I’m into historical fiction. Or nonfiction narrations.  Not a big fan of fantasy but keep an open mind. I do not judge a book by cover, genre or title. Although I admit I have read books simply because the cover was catchy or clever like “Cat out of Hell’ (More on that later).


That’s it for “Bookish” now onto the second half: “Peckish”. First of all, I love that word. British English has so many delightful words we need to start using in North America. I love food. I love making food, sharing food and eating it too. When I was a teenager, I realized making good food is a great way  to make friend. Turns out  I’m also pretty good at it. Cooking, baking, messing with food till it tastes good, it’s like magic. I love it. When I was making plans for this blog, I started thinking about what would make it special. Why would anyone bother reading my reviews? Is there something in a book I notice differently? And well, the answer was food. I find In every book there is a significant food that either highlights a significant event or holds a special place in a main character’s heart. It’s often described in such details that brings water to your mouth and makes you picture anime like kawaii style food. You can almost taste it and imagine the character savor every bite.

So, I decided to make that a reality.  I’m gonna tell you about the books I read and I’m gonna tell you about the food I find to be the most significant and why and then I’m gonna tell you how to make it. Well enough talk! Let’s get this going.

Happy reading and happy cooking!♥♥


Mehrdokht (But everyone calls me Mary)

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